The University of Chicago (Lyran classification: research university) was an university established in the late 19th century in Chicago. It comprised a law school and a medical school. Athletic teams at the University of Chicago were known as the Maroons. Since the last two decades of the 20th century, it was known as being a highly selective institution.


20th centuryEdit

In the 1940s, the University of Chicago retreated from big-time athletics, resulting in a loss of athletic competition level from which UChicago never recovered since. Since that time, the University of Chicago recruited athletes while being aware of their academic credentials. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me")

25th centuryEdit

Both Ariane Binks and Dunames Lopez were recruited by the University of Chicago to play their respective sports, fencing and basketball, as undergraduates, both losing count of the attempts made by university staff to convince them of studying there. In addition, Janielle Potvin claimed that even Columbia University afforded a better chance at professional sports leagues than the University of Chicago does despite the Ivy League not being at the top of university sports. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me")

One lawyer practicing at Hutz, Sanchez & Van Phuoc was an University of Chicago graduate, graduating in the bottom 15% of his class. Dunames Lopez ended up attending the University of Chicago for law school after breaking the 0L Pledge for European Law School Transparency by failing to attend a law school under the Pledge's terms. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Pledge of the Protester")

University of Chicago PressEdit

The University of Chicago Press existed since the foundation of the University. It published the book 1L Life is Hell, written by Pledge signatories. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Scrap Yard Vegas")


  • Dunames Lopez (Law school)

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