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Name Travis Cannon
Age 32
Birthdate 10/10/1984
Location California
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Screen name CaptainKelsoe
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Occupation Bookseller

CaptainKelsoe is really Travis Cannon, creator and author of the Star Trek: Pioneer and Star Trek: Far Horizons fan fiction series.

About Me[]

I've been a fan of Star Trek for all my life. Didn't really get into fan fiction writing until 2001, when I created my fan fiction series Star Trek: Pioneer with Captain Benjamin Kelsoe and the crew of the Nova-class starship USS Pioneer. I would be the first to admit that some of my first episodes are not as good as my later ones. My narrative writing has improved over time. I did not start posting my episodes on the web until 2002, when I went off to college. Over the years I have taught myself how to use HTML and thus create a better website. The same is true when it comes to my graphics. In 2009, I created a spin-off series called Star Trek: Far Horizons, with Commander Jack Keller and the crew of the Emperor-class starship USS Horizon. I prefer using the images I make of my crew to using Photoshop to place an actor's heads over a Starfleet uniform, though I've done it with most of my main characters for Star Trek: Pioneer and have liked the results. I don't write in my series as much as I wish I would, life and work coming in the way sometimes. But I try to keep at it and hope that I'll reach the ending I have planned for it. As of now, I am just pleased to share my work with others.

My contributions[]

My main contributions are articles related to my fan fiction series Star Trek: Pioneer and Star Trek: Far Horizons, but I also add other bits and pieces where I feel information can be added.

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