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Captain Jonathan William Hunt

  • I am a College student at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. I enjoy writing on my spare time. Most of my characters are loosely based on some of my closest friends. I am also an avid Bridge Commander Modder, and a File Poster at, look for ACES_HIGH. I also enjoy a bit of 3D modeling, as you can see from the many Poser render images that I have placed on this wiki. I am currently writing Star Trek: New Order a fan fiction series which is, based in the post Star Trek: Nemesis timeframe. I am a big fan of all Scifi, and that shows in my writing, which often includes not-so-subtle references to various shows. So sit back and relax because the new order begins here.


I once participated in a short Q&A session with a fellow author on MSN <br\> W.G =other author<br\> J.W =Me<br\> W.G says (6:08 PM):<br\> so how did you come up with New Order?<br\> W.G says (6:08 PM):<br\> if you don't mind me asking<br\> J.W says (6:12 PM):<br\> well, I was on vacation and I was reading a book about submarines, one of the boats mentioned, quite often, was the USS Lapon, I was just entreaged by the ship's exploits, and I had been wanting to write my own fanfic, after reading some of the other stuff out there. so that is how I got the idea for Star Trek: Lapon. <br\> W.G says (6:13 PM):<br\> cool<br\> J.W says (6:13 PM):<br\> The characters were mostly borrowed from other stories I had written, or they were based off of friends of mine. Unfortunatly I got to a point where I realized that Lapon was a rather odd name so I blew it up and started from scratch<br\> J.W says (6:14 PM):<br\> another friend of mine was writing a fanfic involving a carrier so that is where I got the idea for the Beliskner<br\> W.G says (6:14 PM):<br\> cool<br\> J.W says (6:14 PM):<br\> yeah<br\> W.G says (6:15 PM):<br\> Some of my characters are also based off of my friends<br\> J.W says (6:16 PM):<br\> cool<br\> J.W says (6:17 PM):<br\> Hunt is heavily based off of me<br\> W.G says (6:18 PM):<br\> I had a feeling that Hunt was based off you.<br\> J.W says (6:19 PM):<br\> oh<br\> [Edited for privacy]<br\> J.W says (6:20 PM):<br\> yeah<br\> J.W says (6:20 PM):<br\> I don't really know who I based Chavin off of, I just sort of started with an idea and ran with it<br\> J.W says (6:21 PM):<br\> I suppose you could say she is based off of me as well<br\> W.G says (6:21 PM):<br\> [guess] you could<br\> W.G says (6:21 PM):<br\> fits too<br\> J.W says (6:23 PM):<br\> yeah<br\>

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