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Hawku is an administrator.

I'm the creator on Star Trek: Phoenix-X, and several other fan fictions. I've also written in the RPG's Star Trek: 001, Star Trek: Shattered Universe and a few more. I'm also an administrator on this wiki with a focus on article sourcing and cleanup.

Role playing characters[]

Star Trek: Phoenix-X[]

Night Gotens/Seifer


Aeon RuneAeon RykuAeon Ryku (mirror)Aeon SithKaz ReinRune (Ferengi)Rune Sith (24th century)Rune Sith (28th century)Steven ChainTruTekari

Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge[]

Oroku SeiferMenchezAeris

Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge[]

Harley MenrowIviokAndrea ReynoldsYuffie SamyaMcCary
  • Carrayan Guard:
Heike TressaLudekiZahkti

Arc Forums RP[]

Primary: Elric // Secondary: AerisTerryOroku Seifer // Guest appearances: Menchez
Primary: Kadaj // Secondary: Menchez
Primary: Kitsu // Seconday: Heike Tressa // Guest appearances: Cid
Primary: Alphonse
  • Risa Resort
Primary: Harley MenrowIviokAndrea ReynoldsYuffie SamyaMcCary
  • The Adventures of Earth Spacedock!
Primary: AerisTerry

Graphic design[]

STEU patrol[]

In cleanup, here are the timelines below for articles tagged that I act on after said articles are tagged.


Also note, any character or ship articles that aren't sourced (meaning, I can't read/view the fan fic/film/etc. that said character or ship are in), I will be tagging with {{nosource}} or {{lostsource}} as I come across them.

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Background information[]

  • Hawku was derived from Hawk and Aku from the The Helix message boards in the early 2000s. User names were changed every October, for Halloween, like virtual costumes, by user to admin requests. After user Hawk (me) changed to Aku, one year, it was finally switched to a new name as Hawku for the November reset.

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