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Kevin W.
Name Kevin W.
Age 22
Location California
Country USA USA
AIM thekevinshow
Parents 2
Siblings 2
Children None
Marital Status Single
Occupation TBD
Kevin W. is an administrator.


I'm one of the admins at this wiki. I'm somewhat strict when it comes to standards and what this wiki should be. If you are a new user, I ask that you please review our policies and guidelines before posting. In addition, please be civil when dealing with other editors.

Articles I've created and/or made massive/important edits to[]

  • Almost any article having to do with ranks

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Wikis I make meaningful contributions to[]

  • This one

Wikis I'm registered at but don't have the time to do much editing because being an admin here takes up too much time[]


Templates I've created are archived here.


Ship Images[]

Most ship images will come from Ex Astris Scientia. All images from EAS must have the following template attached.


All ship images I have uploaded are archived here.


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