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Leckford is a pseudonym for an Australian-born comics maker resident in Oxford, England.

Trek-related stuff[]

  • Perpetrator of TOSS and the corresponding entries in STEU
  • Occasional tinkerer on other STEU articles that catch my eye.

I feel the need to attempt some wiki cleanup in exchange for indulging myself by adding TOSS to the wiki. :-) Please be forgiving of my gaffes.


I'm flattered to have seen my drawings on the front page.

Opinions on copy-editing[]


Hart's Rules says ranks and titles are lower case except when used as a name-prefix, as in 'Bilbo Baggins was promoted to lieutenant commander; Elrond is chief medical officer' versus 'I just had tea with Lieutenant Commander Baggins'. When the title is the name (when only one person can hold the title, like the Queen) then I think I'd use caps (President of the Federation, when used to name a person).


I realize it is a little too late to even suggest this, but if I were God-King of Style Matters I would have us use the present tense for entries rather than the past tense.

Bilbo Baggins is a tactical officer serving in Starfleet in the midle and late 23rd century.
Baggins joins Starfleet Academy in 2225 and graduates with rank lieutenant junior grade in 2229. (Star Trek: Silmarillion "Reminiscences XIII").
He is assigned to Starbase 13, serving as chief librarian until is is shut down in 2271. During that time he meets Stephen the Vulcan. (Tales of Starbase 13)
In 2300 he is retired and living on a planet the Briar Patch. (Star Trek: Briar Patch)

It is a conventional style for précis and historical summaries, and I think it would have some benefits:

  • Encourage an encyclopaedic style and discourage story-telling;
  • Make entries about planets and species seem a little less odd ('Humans are a race of bipedal ape-descendants' rather than 'Humans were a race of bipedal ape-descendants'); and
  • Make gaps in knowlege less of an issue (in the above imaginary entry, we don't say anything aboout Baggins's whereabouts between 2271 and 2300, but that's OK because it is a summary, not a story).


Obviously STEUD uses American spelling for consistency and I will try to stick to that. If I use the other spelling occasionally by mistake, please forgive me.

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