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'''''Logan MacLeod''' is not my real name, unfortunately. My name on here is after the main character in my fan fic, however I will respond to it as if it were my real name for discussion/chat purposes.''
|{{userbox|red|yellow|[[Image:James_T_Kirk.jpg|40px]]|This user is a James Tiberius Kirk Fan. GO KIRK GO!!!}}
Photomanipulations by "Logan":
[[Image:U.S.S._Prometheus_Dedication_Plaque.jpg|175px|thumb|center|The Prometheus' dedication plaque as it appears in the {{PRO}}]]
[[Image:Logan_MacLeod(2378).png|175px|thumb|left|[[Logan MacLeod]]]]
[[Image:Durgan Morlon(2378).jpg|175px|thumb|center|[[Durgan Morlon]]]]
[[Image:Gleicy Ruiz(2378).jpg|175px|thumb|center|[[Gleicy Ruiz]]]]
[[Image:Atana_Ral(2378).jpg|175px|thumb|left|[[Atana Ral]]]]
[[Image:Atana Ral (civilian clothing).jpg|175px|thumb|center|[[Atana Ral]]<br><small> (in civilian clothing in [[2378]])</small>]]
[[Image:Garav Rimosi(2378).jpg|175px|thumb|left|[[Garav Rimosi]]]]
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