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*[[Image:Gleicy Ruiz(2378).jpg|75px|thumb|left|[[Gleicy Ruiz]]]]
*[[Image:Gleicy Ruiz(2378).jpg|75px|thumb|left|[[Gleicy Ruiz]]]]
*[[Image:Atana.jpg|75px|thumb|left|[[Atana Ral]]]]
*[[Image:Atana_Ral(2378).jpg|75px|thumb|left|[[Atana Ral]]]]
*[[Image:Garav Rimosi(2378).jpg|75px|thumb|left|[[Garav Rimosi]]]]
*[[Image:Garav Rimosi(2378).jpg|75px|thumb|left|[[Garav Rimosi]]]]

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Logan MacLeod is not my real name, unfortunately. My name on here is after the main character in my fan fic, however I will respond to it as if it were my real name for discussion/chat purposes.

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