RahadyanS is so old (b. 1963), he took the SAT's writing in cuneiform on clay tablets.

Whenever I tell this self-deprecating joke, someone's bound to point out that there was no university system in those days.

I am one of those fans who wandered between FIJAGH (Fandom is Just a Hobby) and FIAWOL (Fandom is a Way of Life) over the past 35 years. Hopefully, I will stay with the former mindset for the rest of my days.

My fandom writings begin in 1973 with a tale of the USS Goliath in elementary school, then those of the superdreadnoughts USS Omega and USS Valiant III and the Third United Federation of Planets in junior high. Somewhere in there were also stories about the Constitution-class USS Yorktown under Captain Philip Francis Reichardt.

Star Trek: Shadowstar StationEdit

My brother Hartriono (b. 1969) created the original concept behind Star Trek: Shadowstar Station — a team of test pilots assigned to a space station — for our Starfleet International chapter in 1995 and I expanded a bit on it. The concept of the station grew from being fairly ragtag, almost barebones, not much bigger than the 1990s concepts for the International Space Station to a facility that could accomodate a visit from almost three dozen starships.

In the beginning, we also experimented with telling stories à la the "Which Way Adventures" tales for kids that had been popular in the early 1980's (e.g., "Through the Looking Glass"), as well as the "quilting bee" type of long story, where people from different chapters would contribute a line or a paragraph from their fictional metaphor's viewpoint. Such was the case with "Pomp and Circumstantial Evidence."

Giving credit where it's dueEdit

Some of the articles concerning events in the Star Trek: Avenger continuity were derived from Alex Rosenzweig's (AlexR} AvengerPedia. While I cite the primary source for those articles, it behooves me to cite the secondary source as well.

As well, I am indebted to the work of Chris Wallace, former director of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau of Starfleet International, and Scott A. Akers (Chunone), former historian of Starfleet International and now director of a private fan historical institute.

While I have read many of the stories published by Orion Press, some material herein was derived from a secondary source, that of the Lexicon in PDF form on the Orion Press website.

Contributor of the Month: February 2008Edit

I am quite honored to have been named the February 2008 Contributor of the Month. Thank you very much to all who nominated me. I'll work on maintaining the quality of work that such an honor entails.

Articles created A-CEdit

USS Accord (NCC-1842)
USS Aceh (NCC-4851)
USS Achilles (Baton Rouge class)
USS Adamant (NCC-3029)
Carolyn Adiwoso
Advanced Starship Design Bureau (website)
USS Albireo (NCC-754)
Peter Alderson
Alexander (Starfleet)
Alpha Centauri
American Continent Institute
Anton class
Apollo 22
USS Archangel (NCC-2294)
USS Archer (NCC-1069)
USS Arcturus (NCC-1337)
Ares City
USS Arthur C. Clarke (NCC-63544)
Ascension class
USS Ascension (NCC-2520)
Assault ship
USS Athabaska (NCC-2560)
Azhanti class
USS Aztec (NCC-9216)
Nikolai Barstow
USS Batavia (NCC-9595-A)
Battle of Donatu V
Berengaria VII
Beta Miranda
Bismarck class (23rd century)
USS Blackheart (NCC-2327)
Didier Betancourt
USS Bondarenko (NCC-655)
Border cutter
USS Boutros-Ghali
Bravo Fleet
USS Brazzaville (Baton Rouge class)
USS Calgary (Calgary class)
USS Chandley (NX-2300)
USS Chandrasekhar (NCC-3923)
Jeanne-Marie Chartier
Chesapeake class
Cheyenne class
USS Christa McAuliffe (NCC-860)
USS Churchill (NCC-41056)
Clarke class
USS Clemenceau (NCC-19077)
Clemenceau class
Colony ship
USS Columbia (Miranda class)
Combat support tender
Command cruiser
USS Concordat (NCC-2109)
USS Cooper (NCC-635)
USS Cooper (NCC-693)
USS Coral Sea (NCC-1871)
USS Corregidor (NCC-4331)
USS Corvus (NCC-620)

Articles created D-MEdit

USS Dace (NCC-3206)
USS Daredevil (NCC-752)
USS Darius (NCC-502)
USS Dawn Treader (NCC-2555)
USS Decatur (NCC-2500)
Deep Space 1
Deep Space Station K-12
Pamela Desjardins
USS Diligence (NCC-1956)
USS Diponegoro (NCC-5322)
Gita Divakuruni
USS Dragon's Cub (NCC-81003)
USS Dupleix (NCC-2346)
USS Echo (NCC-1042)
USS Eisenhower (NCC-4441)
Larisa el-Ibrahim
Melina Endymion
Entente class
Erati materialization apparatus
The Federation (fan club)
Federation light fighter class
USS Federation (NCC-2100)
Margaret Fitzgerald
Four Years War
USS Fox River (NCC-81002)
Gagarin class
Gamma Hydrae
Garneau class
Garth of Izar
Gemini Station
Gettysburg class
Glenn class
USS Greer (NCC-472)
USS Grissom (NCC-638)
USS Guam (NCC-1020)
USS Hammarskjöld
USS Hippocrates (NCC-1850)
Hospital ship
USS Imbrium (NCC-4462)
International Federation of Trekkers
Iota Persei IV
Irreverence class
Katharine Janek
USS Jayapura (NCC-2315)
USS John B. McKay (NCC-653)
Joshua Paul class
USS Jutland (NCC-4328)
Kelvan War
Kennedy class
USS Kestrel (NCC-3000)
USS Khai Tam (NCC-81000)
Andreas Kitabatu al-'Qalb
USS Konkordium (NCC-2106)
Kowalczyk's Syndrome
Leavenworth class
USS Leonardo (NCC-1454)
Leonidas class
USS Leonov (NCC-648)
Loknar class
USS Longewala (NCC-31902)
USS Lysander (NCC-540)
USS Malverne (NCC-2205)
USS Miranda (NCC-1833)
UESPA Mann (D230)
USS Moncrief (NCC-3800)
USS Monoceros (NCC-601)
McKinley Morganfield
Corinne Morgenthau
Sabrina Moyet
Mugato class
USS Mugato (NCC-3300)

Articles created N-REdit

USS N'dele (NCC-1758)
New Jersey class (23rd century)
New Jersey class (24th century)
USS New Orleans (prototype)
Nimitz class
USS Northstar (Nebula class)
USS Nova (NCC-73515)
USS Nu Chalcedonis (NCC-31901)
USS Nusantara (prototype)
USS Odin (NCC-1875)
Olympus class
Operation Blackjack
Operation Dhalang
Orbital nuclear warhead platform
Orion Press
Orion class (cruiser)
USS Osiris (NCC-3092)
Pan-Semite Union
USS Panther City (NCC-63543)
USS Pérez de Cuéllar
Perimeter action ship
Personnel carrier
USS Phantom (NCC-2951)
USS Pharris (NCC-3537)
Hayden Pope
Helena Pope
Li Qan
Quattuor Anni
USS Ranger (NCC-2701)
USS Relentless (NCC-81001)
Reliant class
USS Reliant (NCC-1305)
USS Reliant (NCC-2460)
USS Reliant (NCC-22699)
USS Reliant (NCC-44686)
USS Reliant (NCC-72035)
Repair tender
USS Rhode Island (NCC-72701)
USS Rickover (NCC-1890)
Rothwell class
Caitlin Rutherford

Articles created Sa-SpEdit

Articles created St-SwEdit

Articles created T-ZEdit

Categories createdEdit

Category:Akula subclass starships
Category:Akyazi subclass starships
Category:Arbiter subclass starships
Category:Archon class starships
Category:Ascension class starships
Category:Asia class starships
Category:Catchon class starships
Category:Frederikstad class starships
Category:Horizon class starships
Category:Hyperion class starships
Category:Kennedy Shipyards
Category:Knox class starships
Category:Moskva class starships
Category:Mugato class starships
Category:Niven class starships
Category:Olympus class starships
Category:Orion Press
Category:Qapla' class starships
Category:Quetzlcoatl class starships
Category:Saratoga class starships
Category:Shanks class starships
Category:Ticonderoga class (fast patrol vessel) starships
Category:Task Force Games

Templates createdEdit

Template:Akyazi class variants
Template:Archer (23rd century) class starships
Template:Archon class starships
Template:Asia class starships
Template:Athabaska class starships
Template:Capital class starships
Template:Chesapeake class starships
Template:Defender (23rd century) class starships
Template:Detroyat class starships
Template:Federation fleets and task forces
Template:Federation shipyards
Template:Federation space stations and outposts
Template:Gagarin class starships
Template:George Washington class starships
Template:Garneau class starships
Template:Hollingsworth class starships
Template:Ingram class starships
Template:Leviathan class starships
Template:Loknar class starships
Template:Loknar class variants
Template:Mediterranean class starships
Template:Nichter class starships
Template:Niven class starships
Template:Oberth class starships
Template:Pleiades class starships
Template:Rothwell class starships
Template:Saratoga class starships
Template:Starfleet Marine Corps elements
Template:Star League class starships
Template:Surya class starships
Template:Ticonderoga class (fast patrol vessel) starships
Template:Qapla' class starships
Template:Quetzlcoatl class starships
Template:Wizard class starships

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