Star Trek Expanded Universe

My name is Ruby and I have been writing Trek fanfiction under the pen name Cheile for over ten years.



My name is Cheile and I have been writing Trek fanfic since around 1997. I began writing for Voyager's Paris and Torres and have since graduated to trying my hand at my own series and crew, though I always end up returning to my favorite couples in one way or another.

Series I have written (or are in the works)[]

  • Reveille trilogy (cowritten with Katesfire)
  • Star Trek: Archer

Characters I have created for various projects, fic or otherwise[]

  • Colonel Reanla Kaelinn
  • Lt. Commander Valentine Killian


Many of my character images have been manipped for me by the excellent talents of the various members at STPMA forum, and I thank them heartily.