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Just an FYI for everyone - I've been working at a TV studio and right now and
we're working with an outside production company to film a pilot episode for a
major cable network.  So I won't be on as often as I like.  I just wanted
everyone to know.  -- Sneg, 11 January 2007.

Well, I've been picked up to work at the studio full time (i.e. 12+ hours a day
for 5-6 days a week!)  -- Sneg, 13 May 2007.
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I am a movie era fan (TMP-TUC) and I am involved in the Star Trek Fan Film "Tales of the Seventh Fleet"

I hope to be able to add my fan knowledge where I can in this Star Trek Expanded Universe Database.

I don't claim to be a wiki expert or anything but I will do my best to help this fan-canon site be the best it can be.

--Sneg 01:02, 4 July 2006 (UTC)


These are people I know "personally" (as in I'm on a first name basis with them and/or know them in the "real world") so don't feel offended if I don't list you. :)


Templates I've created (or really really like) are archived here.

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This is a "work space" I created to see if I could design a new "front page" for STEUD. Please don't edit - I consider it my "scratch pad" to see if things will work here. Thanks - Main Page Idea Scratch Pad I'm leaving this up here in case changes ever need to be made in the future instead of messing with the main page "live".

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Just a space to exeriment some ideas with. User:Sneg/Scratch Pad