This user has no relation to the USS Thomason, which is probably a reference to this vessel.

Tim Thomason is I.

I'm was a "User of the month" (January 2007) here.

I'm also an admin at Memory Alpha, you know that encyclopedia that only allows *canon* info (and TAS). Those fools.

I'm also an admin at the DC Animated Universe Wiki. I like Batman, sorry.

I'm also an admin at the X-Files Wiki. See my Star Trek page (although I'm way more proud of my CSM page).

I'm also an admin at Legendary Journeys, a Hercules/Xena wiki. Those shows got me hooked on Bruce Campbell.

I'm also an admin at MAlf, a Memory Alpha/Star Trek parody wiki. Although I'm not funny.


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vir This user is a Virgo.
USA Proud to be American!
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CHI This user is a Chicago Bears fan.
VOY This user likes Star Trek: Voyager.
TNG This user likes Star Trek: The Next Generation.
DS9 This user likes Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
TOS This user likes Star Trek: The Original Series.
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Good news, everyone! This user is a fan of Futurama!
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9th "Fantastic!" This user misses the Ninth Doctor.
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IE This user contributes using Internet Explorer.
2371 Combadge This user is an administrator on Memory Alpha.
CotM This user was a Contributor of the Month for January 2007.

Star Trek is... referencesEdit

Fan Fiction timelineEdit

Dates Fan fiction Starship Captain Creator(s)/Author(s) Image
2150s-2160s Enterprise Flashed Enterprise (NX-01) Jonathan Archer Chad Troftgruben Enterpriseflashed4-8
Star Trek: Foundations Enterprise (NX-01) Jonathan Archer Numerous Series-foundations
2155 Virtual Enterprise Enterprise (NX-01) Jonathan Archer Numerous Series-vent
2229 Star Trek is... SS Yorktown (NCC-108) Robert April Tim Thomason Expanded
2235 Star Trek: Origins USS Yorktown (NX-1531) Robert April Numerous YTSunrise
2260s Starship Farragut USS Farragut (NCC-1647) John Carter Numerous Farragut-DryDock
2268 Starship Exeter USS Exeter (NCC-1706) John Garrovick Jimm & Josh Johnson Bfuselek
2269-2270 Star Trek: New Voyages USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) James T. Kirk Numerous STNV MainCast low res
2285 Star Trek: USS Hathaway USS Hathaway (NCC-2593) Jeffery Pierce Brad Hathaway USSH4STEW
2288-2370s Star Trek: Arcturus USS Arcturus (NCC-1807)
USS Arcturus (NCC-1807-A)
Eric W. Johnson
Mike Cohen, Nadine Sacks, & Peter Koester Expanded
2290s Star Trek: Legacy USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-B) John Harriman Numerous Series-legacy
2295-2296 Tales of the Seventh Fleet USS Justice (NCC-556) The Captain Numerous ATOH-ccg1a
2370-2377 Star Trek: Sarek USS Sarek (NCC-72075) Kalin Kale
V'pier N'Vorda
Horga'hn Sehente'
Peter Koester, Nadine Sacks, & Virginia Raab Expanded
2371-2376 The Star Eagle Adventures USS Eagle (NCC-74329) Michael T. Owens CJ D. Eaglelg
2371-2378 Fifth Voyager USS Voyager (NCC-74656) Kathryn Janeway FV-Marill Fv000
2372-2376 Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions USS Cantabrian (NCC-24705) Noah Wrightson Scott Andrew Fack Expanded
2372-2383 Star Trek: Dauntless USS Dauntless (NCC-74658)
USS Dauntless (NCC-75310)
Peter J. Koester Peter Koester & Carrie Jacobs Expanded
2373 Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus USS Argus (NCC-75124) Jonozia Lex Alex Thompson Expanded
2373-2381 Star Trek: Liberty USS Liberty (NCC-1776) Luciano Mantovanni Joseph Manno Expanded
2374 Star Trek: Star Maps USS Valiant (NCC-74210) unknown Homesun Expanded
2374-2382 Star Trek: Phoenix-X USS Phoenix-X (NCC-00001) Cell Hawku & DL Pnxttl
2376 Dark Territory USS Aegis (NCC-7575) Terrence S. Glover DarKush Expanded
Star Trek: Gibraltar USS Gibraltar (NCC-1859) Donald Sandhurst Sam Redfeather Expanded
Star Trek: Beyond What's Left Behind Deep Space 9 Kira Nerys Numerous Series-bwlb
2378 Star Trek: Avalon USS Avalon Sophie Grimes Jason K.S. Hauck Osiris4
2378-2379 Star Trek: Prometheus USS Prometheus (NX-59650) Logan MacLeod Anonymous
2379-2385 Star Trek: Pendragon USS Pendragon (NCC-85000) Timothy Sinclair T.L. Morgan PDN Logo1a
2380 Star Trek: Hijinx USS Hijinx (NCC-23571) Andrea Reynolds Hawku Shania-class
Star Trek: Invasion 101 USS Mercedes-A Rei Hawku Expanded
Star Trek: Luna USS Luna (NCC-80100) Aaron Kennedy Andrew Briggs Expanded
Star Trek: Wineland USS Wineland Eris Anonymous Expanded
Star Trek: Tsunami USS Tsunami (NCC-74336) McCary Hawku Expanded
2380-2383 Star Trek: Personal Logs USS Dauntless (NCC-75310) Peter J. Koester Peter Koester & Kevin Fossett Expanded
2381 Brave New Worlds USS Atlantis (NCC-4804-E) Steven Chain Numerous Atlantis2
USS Blade (NCC-85157-A) Koran Lacer Numerous Blade2
USS Shark (NCC-64332-A) Neirroun Mikra
Alder Jakson
Numerous Shark1a
Star Trek: Parallels USS Vitality (NCC-95238) Chain Hawku Expanded
2381-2382 Star Trek: Starbase 001 USS Columbia (NCC-1812)
Starbase 001
Drayson Hardgrove Numerous Expanded
2382 Star Trek: Crucial USS Crucial Harley Menrow Hawku Insignia-class
Star Trek: Intrepid USS Intrepid (NCC-74600) Talath Nick Cook & Steve Hammond Intposter
2383 Star Trek: Remington USS Gustav P. Remington Richard Boswell Kevin W. USS Remington Dedication Plaque
2383-2384 Star Trek: Lionheart USS Lionheart (NCC-75011) Garrison
Thomas Charles Abernathy
Erika Rheyan
Numerous Leowiki
2384 Star Trek: New Worlds Various Various Numerous Expanded
Xolani Fleets: USS Pulsar USS Pulsar (NCC-72401) Charles Black Numerous Expanded
2384-2387 Star Trek: Unity Unity One Starbase Puto & Lewis Luke Sutton & Ian Pidgley Unity1
unknown late 24th century Deltaflight Fantasia unknown E.M. McGinnis Expanded
Star Trek: Phoenix USS Phoenix Erika Benteen Homesun Expanded
Star Trek: Reloaded None Lei (lead character) Hawku Expanded
The Starfleet Museum Starfleet Museum Masao Okazaki Masao Okazaki Expanded
Trek Online Various Various Numerous Expanded
25th century Star Trek: Renaissance USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G) Neil Cross Unknown Expanded
2510 Star Trek: Starfleet Academy None None User: Expanded
2406-2408 Star Trek: Borderlands RSS Cromwell Dan Forrest Numerous Borderlands
USS Discovery (NCC-75453) Marney Robinson Numerous Borderlands
Outpost Hope One Pathera Du Lac Numerous Borderlands
Starbase Horizon II Samantha Montgomery Numerous Borderlands
Starbase Phoenix Ssova tra'Fitz Numerous Borderlands
SES S'Task Isha t'Valdran Numerous Borderlands
SS Seikon Axel Unknown Numerous Borderlands
2602 Star Trek: Mirror Wars USS Unlimited (NCC-10192) Frank Riker James Earl Stmwpic
2752 Star Trek: 001 Starbase 001 Thomas Garrison Numerous 001
3056 Trekker's Alternity Galactopedia Numerous Numerous M.K. Bartel Captmkb
3578 Star Trek: Vitality USS Vitality (NCC-95238) Clone of Jean-Luc Picard Hawku Expanded
unknown Space Trek unknown unknown Homesun Expanded
Star Trek: Defiant Adventures Defiant Charlie Randall Homesun Expanded
Star Trek: Dark Horizon USS Chamberlain Jack McCall Michael Gray Expanded
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