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Candice Greene
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21 December 1963


Frankfort Germany


Long Island NY

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Female (intersexed)



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Midnight Black/Auburn

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3D Art, Computers, Star Trek, RPG, GOR, Furry

CrusaderBeauty.jpg I'm a small ship lover like the Saber class
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Candice Greene, artist, and trekkie assumed the moniker TrekkieGal in 2004. The name TrekkieGal is also the signature to all artwork, and Comics developed by her.


I have been a Trekkie since the late 60's. Heavily into Sci-fi. Star Trek has been a part of me ever since I known of it.


Actually I have none but if press me I will answer.....

My Trek[]

My Star Trek Universe borders the Canon-Non Canon line. Trying to keep a perfect balance, yet allowing for Franz Joseph Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual to be reality. In 2004, I began Role Playing as Vanessa Yates, and Candela Greene. These 2 Oficers became my alter egos in many ways. Later that year, I got into 3D Rendering, and slowly started to put my Universe in digital reality. In late 2006, Star Trek: Generation Fleet was created, and soon after, Star Trek Crusader was posted. Due to financial ruin, and a Busted computer, Star Trek: Generation Fleet died, but the Adventures of Candela Greene and the USS Crusader (NCC-51492) kept going on. It wasn't until 2008, that I accumulated a fleet of Starships to render, and wwith pressing by a few friends, brought the Generation Fleet back from the digital ashes as it were.