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Hi! I'm new, here. I'm just here to add some articles about some fan sites and games that the wiki seems to be unaware of.

Who Am I?[]

I'm (obviously) a Trek fan. I started watching TOS in the 1980s with my mother during the syndicated run, and then TNG exploded on the scene in 87, and I was definitely hooked by then. I started writing fanfic in 1988 with the god-awful novel Twice Upon a Time and it sort of spit-balled from there.

About The Misadventures of January McKenna[]

January McKenna is one messed-up woman. And I say that with all love, of course. I wrote her to be this twisted image of a Starfleet officer, who would stop at nothing to exact her revenge on what happened at Wolf 359. Apparently, people liked this alternate universe enough to want to play the game. The Borg were everywhere and people had to move their location every so often as the "Borg Hot Zone" grew bigger and bigger. It was a fun time while it lasted.

About Star Trek: The Quarterdeck Breed[]

In 1998, I started an online game called Where No One Has Gone Before. It was a multi-user environment that had well into 200 player characters that logged in daily, and it ran until 2004. I wrote the novella that set up the story with The Misadventures of January McKenna. Once I completed that, I started thinking about what else I wanted to write, and so I thought I would do some character exposition stories dealing with different eras and how they approached command situations. Thus, The Quarterdeck Breed was born!

Except, it turns out, people become endeared to characters... even in a one-shot story. As what happened with the characters in the first short, Agamemnon, people left a lot of feedback on and asked me for a sequel. So, I decided to outline a novella that dealt with the mission right after it, and The Sacrifice of Agamemnon started writing itself.

Future Projects[]

Well, after finishing Star Trek: The Quarterdeck Breed, I've been working on a brand new series, Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead. FSA chronicles the adventures of Captain Leone and the crew of the starship Farragut. I'm hoping that I can finish a full season of thirteen episodes before taking a small break. I'd like to concentrate on my own original science-fiction universe so I can get it published. Hey, maybe someday Pocket would let me write a Star Trek series :)

Other Wikis[]

  • I am a contributor at Wikipedia.
  • I am an administrator at The West Wiki (a West Wing-based wiki).
  • I am a reader of Memory Alpha.
  • I am a reader of Memory Beta.
  • I also administrate three private wikis, including one I use for reference while writing (to keep things straight in my tiny brain).


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