Valerie Rose Bucyrus was the companion (and common-law wife) of Johnathan Bucyrus and the fifth of the seven sisters nicknamed "The Wild Roses" (USS Baldwin: "Wild Roses")

Personal HistoryEdit

Valerie, along with her sisters, was a product of a Cardassian project to create human agents. By hand, Dr. Alan Murrow created a series of human augments that were stronger, smarter, and would be able to integrate into human society. Because he was afraid of his creations turning on him, Dr. Murrow attempted to detach himself from their upbringing (USS Baldwin: "Drift off to Dream", "Departure"). She was only known as "Number Five" until 2374.

After Dr. Murrow had initially be captured by Starfleet, Number Five, along with four of her sisters, left Torros II in a stolen Jem'Hadar fighter to settle on a planet away from the warzone. Along the way, they came upon a Peregrine-class Starfleet fighter and beamed its pilot, Johnathan Bucyrus, aboard. Johnathan would name Number Five "Valerie" from a song by Steve Winwood.

When an a away team from the USS Baldwin discovered them in 2377, Valerie stayed with Johnathan on his new assignment aboard the USS Winchester. (USS Baldwin: "Wild Roses") She worked as a civilian in the mess hall. When a team of Jem'Hadar captured the ship in January of 2378, she successfully subdued the boarding party, and modified the ship to aide in the ship's recovery. (USS Baldwin: "That Kind of Day")


Valerie has six sisters: Jessica, Amanda, Michelle, Katie, Roslyn, and Bridget. Between 2374 and 2377, Roslyn and Bridget did not have contact with the other sisters. Unlike Roslyn and Bridget, she did not think she would be accepted in Federation society, and instead sought isolation. Valerie bet Bridget 10 slips of latinum that Roslyn would be dumped if she told her boyfriend her secret, and that Bridget would not be able to find a mate if he knew that she was an augment. She was proven to be wrong on both counts.

Personal RelationshipsEdit

Johnathan BucyrusEdit

Some time after settling on a planet in sector 520, she would become close with Johnathan Bucyrus. By 2378, she had taken his last name, and was occasionally addressed as "Mrs. Bucyrus." (USS Baldwin: "Wild Roses")

In "Wild Roses," Johnathan Bucyrus indicated to Roslyn that he may ask Patrick Ingrum to perform a simple wedding ceremony. However, whether or not Johnathan and Valerie had a wedding is left ambiguous.


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