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Valiant is a fan comic which is set on the starship USS Valiant. It was created in 2008, by Shoham "dogbite" Blau.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Captain William G. Braxton - a rough, chubby, psychotic captain of the Valiant. He pleasures in killing redshirt ensigns and viewed as moronic and childish. He is an ode to Captain Braxton from Star Trek: Voyager who always managed to be on the losing side.

First officer Ng'Tos - the brains of the starship, in the form of a 13 year old Vulcan male. The precipice of Vulcan logic and knowledge with the juvenile tendencies. His name is the combination of Next Generation and The Original Series.

Lt. Francisca Lopez - the female communications officer. She adds the spice to an almost all male crew.

Ensign Pennyworth - the only redshirt to have survived horrible murder on many occasions. Pennyworth encountered a death which turned him into a ghost who can never die.

Ensigns - the redshirts who occupy the Valiant, they oddly enough have the same face and build. Their names go on a special plaque every time one of them dies.

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  • Valiant website
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