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"Vengeance" was the twenty-second episode in the first season of Star Trek: Phoenix-X.


The Phoenix-X is taken over by the Boosti, a species in which their bodies liquefy and merge with aliens who are solids. With the advantage of being away during the takeover, Armond and the Captain return to the Phoenix-X to do what they can to save the crew - unfortunately, Daniel's powers are taken away by a rogue X, except for a tiny fraction, making it that much more difficult.


Background information[]

  • This episode marks the loss of Daniel's extreme omnipotent status and turns it into a half-mortal/half-omnipotent status. It is a significant status change that would continue until losing them completely in "Destiny's Revenge, Part III". He would later re-receive his "partial" omni-powers in "Power Levels".
  • This episode also marks Armond and Monique's marriage.
  • In this episode, a group of Q fall from the Continuum to become followers of X. This would be one of the most significant changes in Star Trek: Phoenix-X.
  • From this point on, select mortals throughout the galaxy would be given fractions of omnipotent power.



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