Veridian III is the third planet in the Veridian system. It is uninhabited.


In 2371, Veridian III was the site of two battles: the USS Enterprise-D versus the Duras sisters and Captain Jean-Luc Picard versus Tolian Soran.

The Nexus ribbon was to approach the planet, with Soran determined to destroy the Veridian star and alter the ribbon's course to sweep him away from the planet's surface seconds before the planet's destruction.

In one reality, where Picard was unsuccessful in stopping Soran, he too was swept into the Nexus. Picard, joined by legendary Starfleet captain James T. Kirk, returned to Veridian III before Soran was successful in launching the probe, creating another reality. While the duo successfully stopped Soran from destroying the Veridian star and Veridian III, Kirk paid with his life. Picard buried Kirk on the planet's surface.

The Enterprise-D successfully stopped the Duras sisters in orbit, but suffered catastrophic damage. After separating the saucer, the stardrive section exploded, sending the Enterprise-D's saucer section into an unrecoverable entry into Veridian III's atmosphere. The saucer section crashed on the planet's surface.

The USS Farragut and two other starships recovered the Enterprise-D crew from the surface. (Star Trek Generations)

In 2376, after his death, Leonard McCoy's body was buried next to Kirk's on Veridian III's surface. (USS Baldwin: "Home")

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