General Verticon was a high ranking Klingon Defense Force flag officer, Klingon Intelligence officer and commanding officer of the IKS Kleckogunam in the late 24th century. He, along with Starfleet Admiral Theseus were responsible for signing off on the Klingon-Starfleet exchange officer program between the USS Phoenix (and, later, the USS Phoenix-X) and IKS Bochnah (and, later, the IKS B'Cnah). (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


In 2373, Verticon approved of an exchange program between the IKS Bochnah and the USS Phoenix over a belief that doing so would further a personal interest in developing Verticon's own secret agency within Klingon Intelligence. ("Betrayal and Honour", "Spider Agencies, Part II")

In 2377, when Starfleet officers and temporarily ex-Bochnah crew members Joe and Alegra contacted Menchez over subspace to complain about what they saw as the end of the exchange program, Menchez dismissively suggested they speak to General Verticon or Admiral Theseus about the situation. ("Destiny's Revenge, Part III")

In 2380, after the Bochnah severely lost in battle against the Reman starship Legion, General Verticon approached in a Vor'cha-class starship and offered it to Menchez as a replacement ship: the IKS B'Chnah. After destroying the Bochnah, Verticon ordered Menchez to drop him off at Dalor Outpost, located on the planet Dalor, but when approaching the planet, the B'Cnah was mysteriously struck by fire from the surface. Upon investigation, Verticon admitted he collaborated with Vekor to have transphasic torpedos built on Dalor, unknowingly causing the deaths of all the Klingons there. ("Forged in Something")

In 2382, through investigating a dishonorable murder in the name of Red's House, Red, after speaking with Trant from the IKS Gorkon discovered Verticon was responsible for the murder. With the help of Lox and Amp, Red created a replica knife used to frame his House in order to manufacture evidence against Verticon. Verticon previously had Dorwin murdered to gain sympathy for the House of Duras on the Klingon High Council, which, in turn, would have gained him support for a secret faction (similar to Section 31) within Klingon Intelligence. When DNA from Verticon's house was discovered in Dorwin's dishonorable death, thanks to the help of the Phoenix-X, Verticon's cousin, Geishona, was jailed in dishonor. Verticon remarked that his family's reputation was burned badly by the incident and that it would take some time to recover. Instead of retaliation, Verticon's respect for Red increased and he decided to keep Red where he was, and keep him and the crew of the Phoenix-X as an ally, rather than an enemy. ("Spider Agencies, Part II")

In 2386, Section 31, hoping to gain favor with Verticon, agreed to sending the Phoenix-X on a mission to Armus IX to exterminate tribble. ("Triple Tribble Sunday")

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