Star Trek Expanded Universe

Vincour was a Lyran A & A officer serving on the Stoneship in the 25th century. She also was a soapbox car racer, although she apparently balked at driving a soapbox car. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Cruchitude Dump")

Pre-Starfleet life[]

Having attended Tampere Jerky University as an undergraduate, she partied much harder than she studied, while paying three years of tuition at 6,640 slips of latinum a year. Yet, somehow, she managed to attend Aldanna University as a graduate student, which was considered a first-tier university as far as anthropology is concerned. After gaining her degrees, she incurred debt, which was allowed to balloon to 80,000 latinum slips by the time she became a lieutenant.

Starfleet life[]

As she was an applicant for the Educational Debtor Service Program with a master's degree, she started out as an ensign but she was stationed on the Stoneship only after the Klingon-Lyran War. While on the Stoneship, she took part in a soapbox race, the Frozen Howler, paying off her debt with her commanding officer's wager on Urie finishing (and later winning) it.

In an effort to pay off her (previously) student debt, and make her educational experience worthwhile, she wrote the book The Three-Year Party. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Cruchitude Dump")

Service record[]

  • Lyran SE O-2.png A & A officer (?-?)
  • Lyran SE O-3.png A & A officer (?-2401)
  • Lyran SE O-4.png A & A officer, Stoneship (2401-)