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"Vitality" (or Star Trek: Vitality, or "Vitality Remake") was the first spin-off of the third season for Star Trek: Phoenix-X and the first spin-off of the sixth season as a result of its rewrite. It utilized elements from Star Trek: Phoenix-X but focused on a different crew. The main characters used in Vitality were clones from canon productions. The fiction is not comedy, but drama, and is not yet complete.


The clones of Jean-Luc Picard, Miles O'Brien, Tuvok, Hoshi Sato, and Leonard McCoy are brought to life in the 36th century and are thrown into the middle of a galactic war with only the Starship Vitality to carry them.

Posting guide[]

Spin-off 1 Posted Prod. Code Synopsis Link
Part I Sep 09 2002,
Jan 24 2022
PNX069_O001NA, PNX216_KO01NA The clones awaken on Deep Space Graeca under attack and are given a ball of energy to deliver to the High Command. [1] [2]
Part II Sep 10 2002 PNX069_O001NB The crew meet their holographic helmsmen, Amp, who helps them maneuver a small group of attack Klokian starships. [3]
Part III Sep 11 2002 PNX069_O001NC While the crew deals with the ship and the ball of energy, they are hailed by a man in a timeship who warns them about High Command. [4]
'Part IV Sep 12 2002 PNX069_O001ND The clones deliver the ball to High Command and think about their place in their new century. [5]
Part V Aug 25 2014 PNX069_O001NE Picard attempts to negotiate peace with the other factions, but is interrupted by the starship Imhotep, an advanced and previously hidden Human group intent on conquering the galaxy. [6]

Background information[]

  • Star Trek: Vitality was originally on forums until being backed up on a webpage.
  • The character of Jean-Luc Picard's clone was created before knowledge and release of Star Trek Nemesis in theaters. Nemesis featured Shinzon, another Picard clone.
  • "Vitality" utilizes some of the main elements from Star Trek: Phoenix-X Season 3, such as the omni'X and the Klokian. Lieutenant Amp was a direct character crossover; he appeared in Season 3 and departed the Phoenix-X, in the 24th century, at the end of that Season.
  • The omni-sphere is the same type of sphere Klokian used to capture Daniel in "Fight, Parts I, II & III."
  • In August 2014, Star Trek: Vitality was integrated into the Star Trek: Phoenix-X website and re-branded as Vitality. The original posting dates and chronological order of Vitality are an approximation.
  • Picard speaking about the Android War "several centuries ago" is a reference to Star Trek: Rise of the Machines where warring androids from the 30th century visit 21st century Earth.
  • Thorap mentions the "Federation-Alliance War of the 28th century" which is a reference to the RPG series Star Trek: 001.
  • Though not mentioned in story, several of the leaders of warring factions in Part 5 represent specifically mentioned factions in Part 4. Kloakk represents the Klokians, keeping in consistency with nomenclature of those species. Kloakk's claim that his species "lives" in the 39th century is a reference to "Fight, Part II" where the crew of the Phoenix-X time travel to fight the Klokian at their time traveling home world in that century. Since the entire world time travels, the existence of it in the 39th century is temporary.
  • Logiket represents the Hexens and is named in likeness of the Hexen starship Logitech from "Possible Regret".
  • Apoch represents the Nega'Jem and is named after the Nega'Jem starship Apocalypse seen in several Star Trek: Phoenix-X Season 2 episodes, starting with "The Nega'Jem, Part I".
  • Thorap represents the omni'X and is named in likeness of Throk, an omni'X from the 24th century, from Season 2, who first appears in "Avalon Battlefield, Part II". His species has not been specified.

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