Volryn of Remus, formerly Centurion Volryn, squad commander of the first squad of the third Infantry group of the Kepeszuk Battalion of the Reman Irregulars, was a Reman who fled the Romulan Star Empire, in 2379, onboard a Ferengi freighter, which subsequently was pulled through an unstable wormhole and crashed on a planet very similar to Remus. Volryn was subsequently rescued by the crew of the USS Prometheus. (Star Trek: Prometheus: "Armageddon")


Born on Remus, Volryn lived a harsh life in the mines of Remus under the brutal discipline of the Reman overseers. Like many other Remans, Volryn was conscripted to serve as a trooper in the Dominion War when the Romulan Empire joined the Federation Alliance to combat the Dominion.

During the upheaval following Shinzon's coup, Volryn bribed the captain of a Ferengi freighter to smuggle him to Federation space where he planned on seeking asylum in exchange for technical information on Romulan technology.

On the way out of Romulan space, the freighter was pulled into an unstable wormhole which deposited it near a Remus-like planet two weeks from Federation space. Due to damage sustained during the trip through the wormhole the freighter crash landed on the planet leaving only Volryn and one Ferengi crewmember, who subsequently died from his injuries, as the only survivors.

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