Doctor Vorzok is the Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Hathaway under the command of Captain Jeffery Pierce. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Early life and careerEdit

Vorzok was born in 2186. At the age of 54 he takes an interest in medicine and begins to study the medical disciplines.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

In 2245 he achieves the Vulcan equivalent of a Ph.D and enters Starfleet Academy with the intent to join the Starfleet Medical Corps. He joins the Vulcan Academy of Science that same year. In 2248, Vorzok graduated Starfleet Academy and began to specialize in xenobiology and xenomedicine with the Starfleet Medical Corps.

The pre-Hathaway lifeEdit

Vorzok grew increasingly uncomfortable around other humanoid species due to their potent emotions and found them to be quite irrational and unpredictable, something the Vulcan found difficult to interpret and deal with. While showing an aptitude for xenobiology and xenomedicine he decides to resign his commission, returns home and continues his research in the Vulcan private sector. In 2285, Vorzok's superiors in the Vulcan Academy of Science "strongly encourage" he rejoin Starfleet to interact with other races in the Federation. They feel that he, as a scientist, should "re-evaluate" the logic of his viewpoints on other races and his position regarding them. He reluctantly re-enters Starfleet as a Lieutenant and assigned as Chief Medical Officer of USS Hathaway.

Family and personal lifeEdit

Vorzok is a Vulcan's Vulcan. He is devoted to pure logic and makes the strongest effort to purge any hint of emotion from his mind. Even among Vulcan's he is known for his ability to be emotionless and in fact is revered among his peers for the total discipline of his emotions.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"You will find I will be less than... sympathetic. to R'Meera ("Genesis")"
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  • 2186: Vorzok is born.
  • 2245: Enters Starfleet Academy
  • 2285: Assigned to USS Hathaway as a Chief Medical Officer.

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