Dr. Walter McRoye was the chief medical officer of the USS Pioneer in 2378. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Early years Edit

Walter McRoye was born on July 7, 2322 in Phoenix, Arizona on Earth to Jeffrey and Wilma McRoye. On stardate 21383.42, at the age of 22, Walter McRoye graduated from Starfleet Academy.

Early career Edit

McRoye studied xenobiology and continued to work with Starfleet. On stardate 25001.02 Dr. Walter McRoye was accepted into Starfleet Medical, where he spent he majority of his career. While working as an assistant McRoye meet Teresa Cruz. On stardate 28475.59, McRoye married Teresa. That following year Dr. McRoye was reassigned to the Medical Research Division of Starfleet Medical where he would eventually gain the rest of his medical knowledge.

Later career Edit

On stardate 55206.7, Captain Benjamin Kelsoe asked McRoye if he would become the Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Pioneer. McRoye, now 56, was pleased to be given the opportunity to leave Starfleet Medical and explore space. On stardate 55941.35, due to a mishap with the transporter system Dr. McRoye was split in two. One had his aggressive personality, while the other had his passive personality. Dr. Walter McRoye died during the attempt to combine both of the bodies back into the original form. ("Doctor, Doctor")

Starfleet service recordEdit


Honors Edit

Citation of Honor, Extended Tour Ribbon, Legion of Honor, Medal of Honor, Medal of Valor, Extended Service Citation, Surgeons Decoration, Order of McCoy (Second Class), 59 Commendations.

He was nominated for the Carrington Award in 2350, 2367, and 2372.

Personal life Edit

On stardate 41514.82, McRoye and Teresa divorced due to marital problems. Eight months later Teresa gave birth to their daughter Elaine Cruz. McRoye was never told about the birth of his daughter.

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