Walter Stone was a highly regarded Federation starship captain who served during the mid and late 24th century. He was widely considered to be one of the finest commander's in the fleet, and was on a first name basis with such other notable Starfleet captains as Jean-Luc Picard and Robert DeSoto. He was also an Academy classmate of Captain Declan Keogh. (Star Trek: The Nomad Frontier)

Early CareerEdit

Prior to his tenure as the commander of starships, Stone distinguished himself as a fighter pilot. For nearly twenty years, he flew combat sorties against numerous foes, but spent the majority of his time on the Cardassian Front. He was listed as an ace twice over, recording eleven confirmed kills during his time there. He would eventually transfer to the command track after attaining the posting of Commander Air Group (CAG) of the USS Concordia.

USS YorktownEdit

In 2354, Stone would be given command of the USS Yorktown. During his time as Commanding Officer, he would develop a reputation as an aggressive and highly successful combat skipper. In 2365, he selected then Lieutenant James Farrell to be his Chief Tactical Officer. In early 2367, Stone led the Yorktown into battle against the Borg at Wolf 359. Unfortunately, the Yorktown was among the thirty-nine Federation starships to be lost there.

USS CourageousEdit

Only a few months after the Federation's devastating defeat at Wolf 359, Stone would be appointed as the commander of the USS Courageous. He selected James Farrell to be his First Officer, believing the young man to possess great potential. Over the next three years, he would serve as a mentor and father figure to the younger officer, eventually preparing him to take a command of his own, the USS Repulse.

Summary of ServiceEdit

Dates of RankEdit

Insignia Rank Date Notes
LCDR (Early TNG).png
Red (Early TNG).png
Lieutenant Commander 2350 (Stardate 27211.8) Commander Air Group, USS Concordia
CAPT (Early TNG).png
Red (Early TNG).png
Captain 2354 (Stardate 31553.9) Given command of USS Yorktown
CAPT (TNG).png
Red (TNG).png
2367 (Stardate 44215.7) Given command of USS Courageous


Date Rank(s) Unit Class Notes
2350 (Stardate 27211.8) LCDR USS Concordia Fredrikstad Commander Air Group
2354 (Stardate 31553.9) CAPT USS Yorktown Excelsior Class Commanding Officer
2367 (Stardate 44215.7) CAPT USS Courageous Ambassador Class Commanding Officer
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