Wayfar was an amateur Traveler from Tau Alpha C with the power to control space and time. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


In 2390, after several ships from Task Force Epsilon were near-destroyed, Wayfar, hoping to improve on his own abilities, assisted Captain Yelg in refitting Federation starships into new classes: including the USS Crucial, USS Jenova, USS Dropzone, USS Hijinx, USS Rune and USS Ixion. ("Into Harshness", "For the World is Worldly and Such") During the refit process, with Captain Harley Menrow in critical condition, Wayfar made himself part of the medical team in an attempt to revive the Captain. But, when Menrow's crew walked in and tried to stop Wayfar's attempts, Wayfar accidentally sent Menrow and the crew's minds into body doubles in the 28th century, where they infiltrated Starbase 001. Wayfar then traveled to the year 2753 with the intention to send them back. ("Second Life")

In 2391, Wayfar was back and helped Yelg during an asteroid refit project but ceased, to leave, when he discovered Yelg's motivations were to force the Fabrini Oracle on others. ("For the World is Worldly and Such")

In 2410, Wayfar, from 2753, joined Captain Menrow and his crew, recently returned to their bodies with his help, aboard the Crucial. The crew, not happy with him, decided to cut him a break and invite him to a future dinner. After attempting to time-travel to the promised dinner, Wayfar accidentally sent himself to the Q Continuum's white nothingness where he met Qu, and was asked and subsequently agreed to take part in mischief against the Calamarain. ("Second Life")

When the Crucial's Chief engineer, Grunley, failed to maintain his genetic change as a Kobali, Wayfar, during a celebratory dinner aboard the ship, admitted the changes he made to the crew's cells from all the time-shifting was at fault. ("Lazarus")

At the planet Takar, Wayfar was tasked to send the Holy Sages into corporeal form, but when doing so, accidentally sent them into the bodies of DiaMon Cide's Ferengi crew, the Ferengi crew into the bodies of Menrow's crew, and Menrow's crew into non-corporeal states. The Ferengi, in Menrow-and-crew's bodies, used their advantage to claim power over the Takarians until Wayfar switched everyone back to their normal bodies. ("Better Angels of Our Nature")

Oroku Seifer, when his viral-infection from Calibus VII was partially reactivated, was helped by Wayfar to get to Qu. Instead, Seifer was sent to Qu's Winter Wonderland. ("Winter Wonderland Celebrations")

In 2753, Wayfar, from the year 2390, traveled to Starbase 001 in order to track down the Menrow-and-crew duplicates so he could send them back in time. With Wayfar being new, he unwittingly sent them to their bodies in the year 2410. ("Second Life")

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