Wesley Robert Crusher was a gifted human that served as an acting Ensign and, for one year, full Ensign, aboard the USS Enterprise-D, in the 2360s. He went to Starfleet Academy in 2367, but resigned in 2370 to travel with the transdimensional Tau Alphan The Traveler. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)


After leaving Starfleet, Wesley spent years with The Traveler, exploring higher dimensions and continuing to learn about his powers over thought and time. He reappeared to the USS Enterprise-E crew in 2379 for the wedding of Commander Riker and Counselor Troi. (TNG novel: A Time for War, A Time for Peace, Star Trek Nemesis)

By the mid-2380s, he had evolved into a full-fledged Traveler-type being. (TNG novel: Cold Equations: The Body Electric)

At some point, he served as Chief engineer aboard the USS Titan. (Star Trek: The Tour)


Star Trek: Phoenix-XEdit

In 2375, Wesley attempted to save the Enterprise-E and Phoenix-X from a joint-transwarp escape vector, from an ambush of Dominion ships, that would kill more lives than not, but was too late. He then went back in time and convinced the changeling Captain not to provoke the Dominion, which in-turn led to them disengaging. Q blamed Wesley for maintaining the existence of an alternate Female Changeling which he claimed would lead to the destruction of the Q Continuum. ("The Links' Traitor")

In 2388, the collective nanites from Kavis Alpha IV cited Wesley as their creator. ("Cybernetic Showdown")

The GiftEdit

At some point after his return to Starfleet, Selar gave him the katra of his deceased mirror universe counterpart. She did this because Wesley Crusher had befriended her and she wanted to give him life again, but Ambassador Spock convinced her to reclaim the katra and take it to Mount Seleya on Vulcan. After the incident Wesley believed he had the ability to mind meld.

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