Whakanui-class starships were a compact class of starship in service during the late 23rd and early-to-mid 24th centuries. The USS Auckland (NCC-4100) was a ship of this class. Production of this class was stopped due to problems in the design, which were later rectified. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

"Whakanui" is pronounced "FAH-kah-new-ee".

Technical data[edit | edit source]

Ship design[edit | edit source]

The Whakanui-class starship was a rather compact starship in the fact that its primary and secondary hulls were closely interconnected. The saucer section, or primary hull, comprised the majority of the Whakanui-class starship's bulk. The saucer section included the bridge, the computer core, recreational facilities, crew quarters, science labs, phasers and torpedo launchers, transporter rooms, and sickbay.

The secondary hull held the majority of engineering systems, cargo bays, the deflector array, and the main shuttlebay.

The primary hull was sandwiched between the secondary hull (below the saucer section) and the upper equipment pod and warp nacelles (above the saucer section).

Typical Whakanui-class starships have 16 decks.

Ships of the class[edit | edit source]

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