Wheel was a cook on the USS Mumbai in 2265. (TOSS)

Early life Edit

Wheel's full legal name was Wheel. (TOSS #11 "Ensign Null")

Starfleet career Edit

Wheel attends Starfleet Academy for basic training (not the 4-year officer course) in the early 2260s. In 2265 he was assigned to the USS Mumbai.

His duties included preparing food in the galley. The cooks used a mixture of synthetic and stored ingredients to produce dishes from various Federation cultures, including Earth. His ambition is to become chief cook. (TOSS #1 "Galley", #4 "Officers' Mess", #8 "Synthesizer Crapola", #18 "The Ends of the Earth")

He also waited on the captain and her guests in the Captain's mess, and was considered skilled in the mixing of cocktails. (TOSS #16 "Cocktails")

Relationships Edit

Wheel was a close friend of Devjinder Null but felt slightly awkward with her now she was an officer. (TOSS #11 "Ensign Null")

He and Root were lovers before they joined Starfleet. (TOSS #18 "The Ends of the Earth")

Quote Edit

"Hours spent in the kitchen trying to turn our remaining stores into something like food, and my reward is seeing you eat this synthesizer crapola!"
Wheel on job satisfaction (TOSS #8 "Synthesizer Crapola")

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  • TOSS (see the character page below for which pages)

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