Where No One Has Gone Before (abbrev. WNOHGB) is an online multiuser dungeon (object oriented) role-playing game that initially ran from November 1998 until June 2004 before making a come back in March 2009. The theme for the game is alternate universe Star Trek, in which the Borg defeated the USS Enterprise in orbit of Earth in the year 2367. The game had over 200 player characters active in its first incarnation, and features a full immersion text environment that has proven very popular over the length of the game. WNOHGB shut down in June 2004 as the theme had run its course over an in-context twenty-year span. It was reopened in March 2009 and is presently active for online role-playing.


The novella, The Misadventures of January McKenna, was written in 1998, detailing a hypothetical situation involving the premise asked by Todd James, "What if the Enterprise failed to stop the Borg at Sector 001?" A ten-part story was outlined and detailed for the purposes of answering that question, however, it was popular enough to warrant the commissioning of a game centered around that premise. The novella serves as a 'prequel' story to WNOHGB.

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The continuity of Where No One Has Gone Before included the following canon works:

The timeline diverged after the Enterprise-D was destroyed in orbit of Earth by the Borg cube led by Locutus.


The game was divided into several factions/organizations:

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