William Deker was a Starfleet officer from the 27th century. (Star Trek: Mirror Wars)


Deker went to Starfleet Academy in the year 2575, when he was twenty. Graduated in the year 2579 and was assigned to the USS Kelborn.

In the year 2580, Lieutenant Frank Riker transferred to the Kelborn, and he and Deker became great friends. During the Borg Attack at Sector 654, Deker's tactical skills saved the ship when its captain was fatally injured and Frank Riker took over. Due to his great skills, he was promoted Commander.

He helped Riker get through depression over his wife's death during the battle with the Borg. He was first officer of the Kelborn until 2592, when Riker left. At that point, Deker became the captain of the Kelborn until 2599, when he was promoted to Admiral when a Romulan strike force tried to attack Earth.

He oversaw a number of projects at Starfleet Headquarters until the 2602 when the Mirror universe Second Terran Empire invaded the primary universe.

He joined the ship USS Unlimited, which joined the First Fleet, along with the USS Majestic.

When the Majestic was taken over by a spy (The Man (mirror)) the Unlimited chased after it. The Unlimited tractored the Majestic to the Thorn, an unstable area of space, where Starfleet planned to 'crossover' to the mirror universe to take the war to the Second Terran Empire.

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