Dr. William Arthur "Bill" Hoesch was a Federation geologist who worked with the Daystrom Institute in the late 24th century. He was born in Long Island, New York on 20 September, 2311. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

During his internship at the Daystrom Institute of Technology, Bill was involved in energy research for the Federation, and worked with Dr. Carol Marcus. He obtained his doctorate in geology, and eventually became renowned as one of the UFP’s leading scientists. In the 2340s, Dr. Hoesch began working with one of the DIT's many branches, the Institute for Cosmological Research. His work with Dr. Marcus and the DICR led him to begin a new Genesis project.

In 2358, the Daystrom Institute participated in a special program with Starfleet Academy. As part of the program, a group of cadets were assigned to assist with Dr. Hoesch’s research. Those cadets included Tim Sinclair and Ben Bartholomew, as well as their instructor Lt. Commander Stephen Tecklenberg. A few days into the three week assignment, Dr. Hoesch was attacked by a group of Orion pirates, under the command of renegade scientist Hugo Rossmer, who had gotten wind of the new Genesis device being developed. Commander Tecklenberg and the cadets rescued Dr. Hoesch, though his work was set back several years. During those three weeks, Dr. Hoesch and Commander Tecklenberg formed a friendship, and Bill was more than willing to have another group of cadets join him the following year.

Bill married Alicia Cornell in 2360. Tecklenberg, Sinclair and Christopher Durham were present at the wedding.

His Genesis research continued for the next decade, albeit with several setbacks. Security constantly tightened, and Starfleet Intelligence became involved in order to protect the project from falling into enemy hands. Dr. Hoesch was often assisted by Tecklenberg and the Eagle's Nest Squadron.

In 2376, Bill was conducting research aboard the SS Mount St. Helens in the Letchworth Nebula. The ship was attacked by Orions, and Hoesch and his team were left for dead. Captain Tecklenberg responded, and though he ensured the scientists' safety, he disappeared soon afterwards.

For the next five years, Hoesch worked under twenty-four hour guard. His new Genesis device was finally nearing completion when he was abducted by the Tal Shiar in 2381. Held captive at a cloaked starbase near the Badlands, Hoesch and Tecklenberg were rescued by Timothy Sinclair and the USS Pendragon. (PDN: "Salvation", et. al)

Dr. Hoesch completed phase two of his Genesis project by testing a prototype device on the planet Siluria in 2382. (PDN: "Diluvium")

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