For the original prompt, see: STO Literary Challenge #69: Winter Wonderland Celebrations
"Winter Wonderland Celebrations (I)" was the tenth literary episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and the tenth literary episode of the fourth season. It was the eleventh Star Trek: Phoenix-X entry written for the Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge. This episode was holiday-themed and focused on just the Captain's of the IKS B'Cnah, USS Phoenix-X and USS Zephyra.


Seifer, Menchez and Aeris are transported to Qu's Winter Wonderland, a knock-off of a similar event run by Q (Junior).

Background informationEdit

  • This is the second Christmas-themed episode, the last one being "Christmas Special".
  • When Aeris mentions having "a dream about Kirk trying to interview him (Sisko) while he absent-mindedly played piano", that is a reference to William Shatner's interview with Avery Brooks in the 2011 documentary "The Captains". [1]
  • Qu's comment, "My wonderland is destabilizing thanks to this Delta incursion! Do the players love it? Do they really??", is a tongue and cheek reference to an in-board community meme ("Delta Rising is the greatest expansion ever and the players love it") that was active on the Star Trek Online Forums during the time of writing the episode. [2]
  • Qu's Winter Wonderland would later be revisited in the Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge story of the same title, "Winter Wonderland Celebrations", by Captain's McCary, Samya and Oroku Seifer.

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