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Several destroyed starships at Wolf 359.

Wolf 359 (also known as CN Leonis) is a star located about 7.7 light years from Sol in the constellation of Leo.

One of Earth's first extrasolar colonies, Stapledon Center, was established here by 2079. It was known for its molecular computer farms. (TNG novel: Federation)

In 2367, Wolf 359 was the location of the first major engagement between the Federation and the Borg. The battle was a disaster for Starfleet with 39 of the 40 starships sent to stop the Borg cube destroyed and 11,000 personnel killed. (TNG: "Best of Both Worlds, Part II")

Fan continuities[]

Constar Chronicles[]

In the mid-24th century, a space station with drydock facilities was in the system. The original Constitution-class USS Constar was kept there and considered a "museum piece". During the Battle of Wolf 359, Captain Erick Minard quickly assembled a skeleton crew for the ship to aid in the evacuation of civilians. (Resistance: A Star Trek Fan Production, Break Free: A Star Trek Fan Production)

Starfleet Museum[]

At Wolf 359 the famous combined fleet exercises took place in 2237. The offensive Blue Team, which included four Siegfried-class dreadnoughtsSiegfried, Hercules, Lysander and Perseus — and three Belleau Wood-class assault transports — Clavius, Vera Cruz and Hella Planitia — achieved its objective of landing troops by shuttlecraft on the system's fourth planet against the defending Red Team, comprised of mostly Valley Forge and Paris-class ships.

The post-exercise analysis determined that Siegfried-class ships were effective shock weapons against targets of limited maneuverability, such as space stations, surface installations, and ships defending a planet or comprising a large formation, or when they were protected by escorts and destroyers. (The Starfleet Museum: Siegfried-Class Dreadnoughts)

September, 2266, saw Starfleet's largest wargames in two decades. (The Starfleet Museum: Avenger- and Predator-Class Destroyers)

Star Trek: Shadowstar Station[]

There were two Human habitations in the Wolf 359 system. One, Yogyakarta Baru, was on the fifth planet, where reserves of topaline and pergium were discovered by an American Continent Institute expedition in 2127. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Esteban")

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