The Wthaure are a race native to the area near the Typhon Expanse. They are at the same level of development technologically as the Federation is.

The correct pronunciation of Wthaure is "wah-THAR-ay". Like sheep, one or several Wthaure are still referred to as Wthaure.

Physical descriptionEdit

The Wthaure are slightly more muscular than humans. Their skin ranges in color from salmon (a pale orange) to burnt sienna (a darkish brown-orange), with the most common being orange. Wthaure eyes are rarely any other color than dark brown, but ice blue, dark blue and hazel have been seen. Height is similar to human height.

Both men and women wear makeup; the higher the rank, the more they wear. This makeup is not like human makeup. The Wthaure dot their faces with different colors, the highest ranking officers, politicians or socialites placing turquoise blue dots of varying sizes around the lower eye, surrounded by small black and white dots. This is in addition to the normal makeup worn by lower-ranking Wthaure, such as decorative dots on the forehead, cheeks, chin and hands.


The Wthaure are a warrior race who do not enter battle without carefully planning out all contingencies first. Neither men nor women dominate power; it is shared and distributed evenly, with the highest qualified candidate for a job or position earning it on his or her merits. Their political system is extremely transparent, and to mislead, steal, lie, cheat, embezzle, et cetera is considered dishonorable.

Known historyEdit

The Wthaure have had several skirmishes with the Myhr'an in the past.

Sometime between 2347 and 2361, the USS Cantabrian, under the command of Captain Josiah Mwangi, made first contact with the Wthaure. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "The Stars Fill The Sky, So In Love With You Am I")

In 2369, a Wthaure battle cruiser was in a tense stand-off with the Cantabrian when a subspace mine severely damaged both ships. Subsequent investigations by both the Federation and Wthaure found neither ship had the capability to fire or deploy such a weapon.

More recently (2372), with the Myhr'an rise in aggression and build up of Myhr'an forces on the Wthaure border, many Wthaure colonies near the border have been attacked and obliterated. These colony destructions were chalked up to the Myhr'an planet killer. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Catalyst, Part One")

Known starship ranksEdit

The commanding officer of the Wthaure battle cruiser was addressed as captain, so it is assumed they hold a similar, if not the same, ranking system as Starfleet.

Ship typesEdit

One of their largest ships is called a Wthaure battle cruiser.

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