X was a Q from the Q Continuum that descended and altered his name. In a desire for change, he committed suicide by giving all his power to Captain Daniel. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "The X Continuum")


This change inspired other Q from the Q Continuum to change their names to X and begin steps toward an "X Continuum". Their first step was to select chosen mortals throughout the galaxy and give these mortals an infinitesimal amount of power. Daniel's power was reduced to the same amount as the other mortals, to learn through growth the way they would. These mortals and Daniel were expected to eventually grow with the power to start the X Continuum. (PNX: "Vengeance") - but Q and Klokian remedied that when Klokian led Q to the X so that Q could force all the X to return to the Q Continuum - and with that, balance would be restored. (PNX: "Avalon Battlefield, Part II")

X's Fate

During this forcing by Q, the X that was within Daniel was returned aswell. But by that time, Daniel had gained enough experience and growth, from X, to obtain his own infinitesimal amount of power. What was X, as a deceast being, was returned to the Q Continuum. (PNX: "Avalon Battlefield, Part II")

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