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Xantharus IV is a class M planet that lies within Barrier Alliance territory. (Orion Press: "Incident on Xantharus", Remember the Hood, "False Colors", "Return to Xantharus"; Project Potemkin: "Duty Bound"; Starship Triton: "The Crown Jewels of Xantharus")

On Stardate 9677.8, the USS Potemkin was en route to Xantharus IV to deliver medical supplies when she was attacked by Orion frigates. ("Duty Bound")

Astronomical Data[]


Xantharus IV is the fourth planet of Xantharus, a red sun. It has a trinary moon system.

It is located in or near Sector 451-Q. ("Duty Bound")

Further Information[]


Xantharus IV was originally an Orion colony

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