Dr. Xavier Fernandes was a civilian and famous Federation scientist, husband of Dr. Maria Fernandes and father of Antonio Fernandes.


A Leading ScientistEdit

Dr. Xavier Fernandes and his wife were leading Federation scientists in warp field theory and practice. Starfleet posted them aboard the USS Auckland (NCC-4100) their inventions. The more successful inventions helped improve warp speeds and efficiency on Starfleet starships.

In 2340, while aboard the Auckland, their third child, Antonio Fernandes, was born.

Massive FailureEdit

When Tony Fernandes was a teenager, Xavier and Maria Fernandes fitted their coaxial warp drive on the Auckland for its first real-life test.

Once activated, the initial readings were promising, but the coaxial warp tunnel started to degrade. In an attempt to leave the tunnel, the Auckland's warp nacelle clipped the tunnel edge, ripping it free and severely damaging the ship.

As Tony, his sisters and mother escaped the ship, Xavier Fernandes stayed behind in an attempt to stablize the warp core but failed. He managed to escape to a planet's surface and was reunited with his family. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Salvation")



Dr. Xavier Fernandes was married to Dr. Maria Fernandes.


Dr. Xavier Fernandes and his wife had three children:

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