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The Xindi-Aquatics were one of the six Xindi subspecies involved in a 22nd century conflict with Earth. (Star Trek: Enterprise)

23rd centuryEdit

After locating and settling on the third planet in system SNC 461206 in Sector 441 system with the assistance of the Federation and establishing it as their new homeworld. The planet, known in Federation databases prior to the colonization as SNC 461206-III, was renamed New Xindus by the Xindi Council who had been granted a special dispensation by the President of the Federation to officially change the name of the planet. Following the establishment of Xindi-Aquatic, Xindi-Arboreal, Xindi-Primate, Xindi-Insectoid, and Xindi-Reptilian settlements on the planet the Xindi Council petitioned the United Federation of Planets for membership, on behalf of their new homeworld and their colonies in the late 23rd century following a protracted period of peaceful and diplomatic contact. (Star Trek: Prometheus)

24th centuryEdit

The actions of the Sphere Builders and the actions of the crew of the Enterprise in the twenty second century brought about the Xindi's entry into the Federation in the early twenty-fourth century, earlier than it would've been, assuming they would've joined the Federation in the first place, if the Sphere Builders hadn't attempted to tamper with the time-line. (Star Trek: Prometheus)

In the early 2330s a single colony of the long-thought-extinct Xindi-Avians was discovered on an isolated planetoid in the Delphic Expanse. Following the re-establishment of contact with their Xindi cousins in the Federation the Avians petitioned the Federation for membership, which was granted, and re-located their colony to New-Xindus. (Star Trek: Prometheus

Notable individualsEdit

  • Kiaphet Amman'sor, a member of the Ibix Dynasty. She wielded considerable power within the Xindi hierarchy in 2154.
  • Kiaphet Amman'sor, A twenty-fourth century Starfleet flight control officer assigned to the USS Prometheus and member of the Ibix Dynasty and named for her ancestor, the twenty-second century Xindi -Aquatic counsel member, Kiaphet Amman'sor.

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