Xon was a Federation Starfleet officer, a Vulcan, on active duty in the 23rd century.

Fanon[edit | edit source]

Orion Press[edit | edit source]

Commander Xon was Hikaru Sulu's executive officer on the USS Cooper, c. 2287. (Orion Press: The Dianasian Gift)

By 2295, Xon was the Cooper's commanding officer. ("New Orders")

Star Trek: Phase II[edit | edit source]

Xon was a Command-division lieutenant and Peter Kirk's roommate towards the end of James T. Kirk's first five-year mission as captain of the USS Enterprise.

Xon was seen assisting Montgomery Scott in the transporter room as a mission team was sent to the USS Copernicus. ("Blood and Fire", Parts 1 and 2)

Background information[edit | edit source]

He was supposed to replace Spock (Leonard Nimoy) as science officer in the proposed Star Trek: Phase II series as Leonard Nimoy claimed other obligations. Had the new series been launched, Xon would have been played by David Gautreaux.

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