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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Xonac (mirror).

Xonac was the science officer of the USS Saladin from 2265 to 2291. ("Starship Saladin")


Xonac on the surface, seems rather typical for a Vulcan. He is very rational and logical. He has an intense curiosity and dedication to duty. He hides it, but he is very disappointed that he did not get placed in the Exploration Division of Starfleet as the Military Division has little use for scientists. Nevertheless, he is very loyal to the crew of the Saladin and to his duty.

Early Life and CareerEdit


He was found on the planet Hellguard along with several young Vulcan children, including a young woman named Saavik. Unlike Saavik, genetic tests indicated Xonac's genetic makeup was full Vulcan and not half-Vulcan/half-Romulan. He was the oldest of the children found, but he had no memory of his life before being discovered by a Vulcan expedition. He was in a coma when he was found. When he was awakened, he had no memory of his past. The other children explained that he had been injured just prior to the Vulcan expedition's arrival and provided as much information as they could about the young man. Taken back to Vulcan, Xonac had trouble fitting into an emotionless society at first. However, because of his lost memories, he was easier to train once certain meditations were learned and he became adept at Kohlinahr. This was when his old memories began to resurface, and for reasons known only to him, he withdrew from the discipline and joined Starfleet. Xonac graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2265 and served his midshipman cruise aboard the USS Intrepid, then as an ensign aboard the USS Oberth for two years before being transferred to Saladin.

The SaladinEdit

As Science Officer and later First Officer of the Saladin, Xonac served with distinction throughout his career.

Family and Personal LifeEdit

Orphaned, Xonac never knew his parents.


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