Yule was an El-Aurian of indeterminate age, who, by the 24th century had amassed a criminal empire that rivaled the Orion Syndicate in power and influence.

In the 2360s, Yule's cartel spread to Aldebaran Prime, which brought him into conflict with the Aldebaran Police Department, and most notably Lieutenant Drake Mallory. By 2364, Mallory had become such a thorn in the crime lord's side that Yule sent his daughter, Kaleyna, to secretly seduce him, and thus gain a way to remove the meddlesome lawman. When Kaleyna learned she was pregnant, Yule had Mallory's memory erased and sent his daughter to Rigel VII, where she gave birth to a son, Kaylen.

In 2366, Yule was actually apprehended by Mallory, but escaped, killing Mallory's partner, captain, and fiancé. He fled into hiding on Rigel, calling in old favors from his Orion counterparts, and began to reorganize his empire.

Continually hounded by then-Captain Mallory of the Fugitive Retrieval Section, Yule was again apprehended in 2369, but acquitted on "lack of evidence" by a corrupt judge. Out of sheer frustration, Mallory resigned from the police force, but continued to haunt Yule's steps as a private investigator.

Yule took a personal hand in raising his grandson, as his supposed "heir," until Kaleyna realized that the boy would only be used as a pawn by her father, and then tossed aside and killed. She took Kaylen and escaped into the Thallonian Empire, but Yule caught up with them when the Empire collapsed in 2373, and had his daughter executed.

Taking Kaylen, Yule moved his operations to Kal-Dixas in 2373, seeking to reclaim a former employee, Angel Boreanaz. He again ran afoul of Drake Mallory, setting off a chain of events that almost led to the colony's destruction, and eventually, to his own downfall. (Kal-Dixas Spaceport)

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