Yvan Ung was a Starfleet captain, who commanded the USS Voyeur in 2384. He was quite fond of intelligent women, and it was no coincidence that he was assigned to the Voyeur.

Early historyEdit

He was born in Longueuil, Earth on October 23rd, 2340. His first experience with women was before he applied for Starfleet Academy, and he chose his first date carefully because he wanted to have the grades necessary to apply for Starfleet Academy successfully. He did, and he succeeded, but at Starfleet Academy, he was something of a womanizer. He fell short of being in the top 15% of his promotion. He started as a scientist.


For years, he worked his way through the sciences division, until, in 2372, he became the first officer of the Bismarck. He was married to Susan Cardinell before Operation Return because he believed that he should get married before a major engagement. He and his ship, the USS Bismarck, took part in Operation Return. After the Dominion War, he became the captain of the USS Voyeur, and he took his wife as his XO, as well as his chief medical officer, when the previous captain was cashiered because of an incident with the Voyeur's Emergency Medical Holographic program.

RIS BouteinaEdit

His ship was assigned to the Romulan border zone. His ship was sucked in the same wormhole as the USS Vortex and, as such, he took part in Operation Telenoes, for which he was promoted to Fleet Captain. (RIS Bouteina: "Distress Call")

He was chosen to oversee the trials and, later, to command the Hercules because he was more experienced with Hydran shipbuilding. Also, to effectively spearhead the new program of Starfleet, he had to train both himself and his crew to operate their ship under high maximum evacuation capacity. For this reason, he was deployed in Hydran space. (RIS Bouteina: "Relief and Refuge")

Five years later, he would be part of the Federation task force charged with escorting Seven of Nine to Rator III. He was chosen because he had a good knowledge of Romulan environments. Also, when he was handed the command of (RIS Bouteina: "Rator III Awaits")

Service recordEdit



It was deliberately intended that this character, being named after the author of RIS Bouteina, only hold a minor role. As such, he only appears in a handful of episodes.

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