Yvan Ung is a native, and lives in, Montreal. He is the writer of multiple fan works.

Brief backgroundEdit

The tuition crisisEdit

Like Caroline Laplante, he was part of the PHYSUM's picketing efforts during the 2012 strike, and even went so far as to suggest a six-pronged plan to solve the tuition crisis that led to the 2012 Quebec student strike.

The six-pronged planEdit

  • 1. Create an external oversight commission, independent from university administrations, the Commission d'Évaluation Universitaire du Québec, designated thereafter as the CÉUQ, to which the universities will be held accountable and the CÉUQ will itself be accountable to the population; the CÉUQ will be composed of one student from each university cycle and four commissioners from the academic world
  • 2. Be it resolved that all regulatory powers over the universities be removed from the CRÉPUQ
  • 3. The imposition of a moratorium over all new university construction, to be lifted by the CÉUQ whenever there is an overpopulation on existing campuses
  • 4. Be it resolved that all funds allocated by the government to the buildings service must be used only to renovate and maintain existing buildings
  • 5. Limit advertising expenditures to advertisements in cegeps, employment offers and tenders
  • 6. Limit severance pay to $100,000 and limit administrators' salaries to $225,000/year, both amounts indexed yearly

Star TrekEdit


What initially began as a Romulan-based roleplaying game project ended up being in his control due to the disinterest of the initial players. And thus RIS Bouteina was born back in 2009. It has evolved into 5 seasons, built around the adventures of the RIS Bouteina, commanded by Annika Hansen.

By 2012, though, a new spinoff series arose, Star Trek: The Stoneship Files, set in 2401 with the Lyran Starfleet as a background, using a commanding officer that was a counselor back in the 2380s.


The tuition crisisEdit


The holographic Yvan with a picket sign

In 2401, while Mrazek and his lackeys captured an orbital communications relay in orbit above Du'Qot, a frontier world of the Klingon Empire, they found an holographic program where the 2012 Quebec tuition crisis was used as the setting, Tuition Crisis, of which Yvan was a then-holographic character that went to the picket lines. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Rode the 300")

Brianna Reiss made a replica of the picket sign Yvan used in two of the major protests he took part in, a yellow sign that read "Le gouvernementsonge aux étudiants", which was later used as an exhibit in a museum dedicated to student activism. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "The Defector")

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