Yvette Mintos was posted on Starbase 140 in 2387 as an engineer. In 2388, she was transferred to the USS Crusader (NCC-51492). In 2387, she was arrest under the suspicion of being an operative of the Orion Syndicate. (Star Trek Crusader)

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Born in Bangkok Thailand to Phirun, and An Mintos in 2367, she was the youngest of her family. She was born intersexed at birth.

Her father was a freighter captain, and her mother served as first officer on his ship. From 2367 to 2369 they lived on Earth as their freighter, the SS Chrysler was being modified.

In 2370 the Chrysler was damaged badly by Orion Pirates, and crashed on Neethia IV. They survived for four months with little supplies after the attack before they were rescued by a passing Trill freighter. With the loss of the family's freighter they returned to Earth.

Two years later, with the new prospect of trade with the Gamma Quadrant, Pnirum Mintos was approached by the Antilles Freight Company to become a district Operations Officer.

Yvette contracted Martarkin Fever in 2373. She was cured, but the fever's effects would challenge her for years.

A year later, her interest in mechanics led her to construct a personal mini hopper bike. It was her first mechanical project.

In 2378, she won an award for a school paper on warp propulsion systems that would protect the fabric of space.

Yvette turned down a scholarship to the Daystrom Institute and decided to enter Starfleet Academy in 2383.

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