For the "regular" universe counterpart, see Zach Banner.
For the "mirror" universe counterpart, see Zach Banner (mirror).
Zach Banner
Mirror Banner.jpg
ISS Eagle (formally)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2236
Hair: Blonde
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Stationed: ISS Eagle
Rank: Captain
Father: Robert Banner
Siblings: X2

Banner was part of a long line of captains who have proudly served the Terran Empire. (Star Trek: Eagle)

Early life and career[edit | edit source]

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Once of age he enthusiastically joined the Imperial Starfleet. While at the academy and his early career he was plagued by suspicion by other officers because of the actions of his father, who was a member of Lorca's rebels who wanted to restore security to the Empire's borders. Zach compensated for this greatly (in appearance any way).

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During his career he raised though the ranks until in 2266 he was promoted to commander and was first officer on the ISS Bismarck. He served as the ship’s second in command for four years during which he helped win many battles for the empire. Some of which were battles fighting Andorian rebels who had sworn loyalty to Spock (mirror) and his revolutionary ideas. These battles were along side his commanding officer Commodore Shrelic (mirror), who also had his loyalty to prove because of is race.

ISS Eagle and the prime universe[edit | edit source]

The two Banners

In 2269, he would be promoted to captain and assigned to the ISS Eagle, but his time there would be short-lived. He was a only captain of the ship for less than a week. He nearly escaped an assassination attempt by his first officer Michele Tyler, but he was able to escape to the prime universe in an armed Terran attack shuttle. Once there, he tried to kill his counterpart and return to the mirror universe to take revenge and regain control of his ship. While in is counterpart's uniform he ordered the ship's engineer Clause Elberg to install a device of his that would take the ship the mirror universe. But his plan failed when the ship's doctor found the real Captain Banner and announced the truth on the ship's intercom. He was then given the Vulcan nerve pinch by the Eagle's Helmsman, Lieutenant Tevek. After the Eagle's return to the prime universe, he was sent to a Starfleet rehabilitation center.

After that point, his fate is uncertain.
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