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Lieutenant junior grade Zachary Keras Stiles was a Starfleet flight controller in the early 25th century, newly-assigned to the USS Witch of Endor in 2410. His friend Nath Behal called him Za'ak, a female Bajoran name translating into English as "worthy mother". (Chronicle: "Best Laid Plans")

His father, Barnabas Stiles, was Human, and his mother, Jeral, a Romulan. (Chronicle Series Bible) His aunt Esther Stiles was also a Starfleet officer who had once served with Captain Radescu. (Chronicle: "Best Laid Plans")

Starfleet career[]

Stiles, a member of a prestigious Starfleet family, graduated from Starfleet Academy as valedictorian in 2408. (Chronicle: "Best Laid Plans", David-Zahir DeviantArt). He completed his training cruise about the Starfleet training vessel USS Anubis. (Chronicle: "Best Laid Plans") He had been captain of Nova Squadron and a member of the Academy fencing team while in the Academy. (David-Zahir DeviantArt)

Stiles and Nath served on the USS Jefferson from 2408 to 2410. Nath described it as "two years of babysitting convoys and snarling at Imperial Warbirds. The Romulan Free State officials liked Stiles for the fact he could speak Romulan. (Chronicle: "Best Laid Plans") Stiles had served as assistant chief of security for one of those two years.

Personal relationships[]


Nath Behal[]

Nath and Zachary Stiles served aboard the USS Jefferson together for two years. (Chronicle) During this time, Nath gave Stiles the nickname "za'ak", a female Bajoran name translating into Engish as "worthy mother", because he looked like the word. When Athena Azurian tried to use the nickname, Nath told her she was the only one allowed to use the nickname. (Chronicle: "Best Laid Plans")



Stiles dated Counselor Nemeth. ("Ashes, Ashes, All Fall Down", "Tangled Webs We Weave")

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