Zama was the chief flight controller of the RIS Bouteina. He was often used in battle as a shuttlecraft pilot when the circumstances called for the use of shuttlecraft as attack fighters. Like his super-dense deputy, Relm, he served as a shuttlecraft pilot during the Dominion War. He was found to be allergic to cigarettes. (RIS Bouteina: "Distress Call")

Midway through the voyage, he was promoted to enarrain, as a delayed reward for his role in the Battle at the Grave of Thoughts, as well as during Operation Telenoes. He was seen as a capable pilot and squadron leader but due to the quirks of piloting shifts, he could pilot the mothership only for a single shift every two days. ("Doctor Rihanna")

He was an horrible cook, being almost unable to cook even a "simple" thing as a Varlamov steak (food) after being challenged by Terenar to cook better Varlamov steaks than he did. ("Varlamov Steak")

During his brief stint as a hockey player, he was able to help the team score at least one of the nine goals of the Praetorians, with Mizarh as the captain of the team. He was almost as neutral to hockey as Dhiemm. ("A Hockey Game Broke Out", "Ultimate Wager")

Background[edit | edit source]

He was named after the Battle of Zama near Carthage.

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