Star Trek Expanded Universe

Zetra was a Klingon medic who served as the dentist of the RIS Bouteina. She went through at least two marriages in her life. (RIS Bouteina)


She was born in a common family of the Klingon Empire. She served in the Klingon Defense Force for much of her life and, in 2385, when her ship ventured into the Kzinti Patriarchy, her husband and herself have been taken into custody in the Grave of Thoughts until later in the year. Having lost her husband, she marries Pazzo immediately, because the latter senses in her much-needed medical knowledge. ("Redshirt Distribution")

Also, she played a major role into granting a batch of Lyran prisoners of war their freedom because she was an hussade player and a "long-jumper" one at that. ("Hussade Contract")

During the Bouteina's stop on Krant, she joined Ulduar in their attempt to raid Ulduar (as per World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King expansion) in hard mode, while also portraying one of the Romulan soldiers during the Siege of Ulduar in a Krantian movie. (RIS Bouteina: Resolution on Krant, Hilbert Hotel (Bouteina episode))

She was a member of the Hegh Bekks, a Klingon WoW guild. ("Going, going, gone")