Captain Ziminski of the Causality

Captain Ziminski was a female human Starfleet officer from the 29th century, in command of the Federation timeship Causality.

At some point in Ziminski's home time period, she became aware of a plot conceived by Lightoller and his associates to rewrite history by sinking the RMS Titanic in 1912, thereby killing the ancestors of their faction's greatest rivals. Ziminski took the Causality to intercept Lightoller, but her ship proved no match for the more advanced timeship he had stolen, and she was unable to prevent Lightoller from using a tractor beam to pull an iceberg into the Titanic's path.

Fearing further temporal manipulation would cause greater damage to the timeline, Ziminski instead chose to rescue the Titanic survivors and reintegrate them at a later point in history. Ziminski selected the late 24th century as the reintegration period. However, before she could accomplish her task, Lightoller traveled to 2377 in an attempt to disrupt her plan, which resulted in the USS Independence being thrown back to 1912. Ziminski and the Causality aided the Independence, and while the 24th century vessel was keeping Lightoller's ship occupied, the Causality was able to complete the temporal relocation. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier: "Two Hours")

Captain Ziminski was played by Reneé Huberstock.
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